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Table Hire Sydney

Discount Party Hire supports your event in Sydney with a variety of table hire solutions. We keep our tables in top condition, and they’re always ready to serve your needs for large or small functions, from the backyard to the beach. Table and Chair Hire Sydney for events & backyard party of all sizes.

If you are searching for table and chair hire near me, we have stylish and affordable options for you:

  • Long or short party trestles for your outdoor event
  • Elegant sit-down solutions for weddings or engagements
  • Bar tables, cake tables and tables for food and gifts
Discount Party Hire

We provide quality tables at competitive rates.

Tables are available for hire as stand-alone solutions, bulk discounts or as part of a package including marquees, chairs, décor and other party services.

Table Hire Services

We cater for all sizes and types. Long trestle tables or fold up solutions for outdoor, bar tables for your guests to stand and mingle, pedestal tables for cakes and round tables for elegant dining.

Trestle Tables for seated guests:

These are available in clean, good quality plywood. To make sure your guests all have space at the table, match your seating capacity with these table sizes.

  • 8 guests seated: 1.8m trestle table
  • 10 guests seated: 2.4m trestle table

Trestle Tables for supporting your party:

  • Cake pedestal tables
  • Tables for gifts
  • Tables for signing the registry

Round tables

Styled functions sometimes require a round rather than rectangular seating arrangement. A round table may take up more space than a rectangular one, but it encourages conversation for intimate settings.

  • 6ft round tables
  • 5ft round tables
  • 3ft round tables

Table linen cloths to cover various sizes

  • 1.8m or 6 foot trestle tables
  • 2.4m or 8 foot trestle tables
  • 1.8m or 6 foot round tables
  • 5 foot round tables
  • 3 foot round tables

Kids party tables

8 – 10 guests seated: 1.8m kids table

Bar tables

These are good for serving standing and mingling guests and are available with or without a table sock.

Table overlays and napkins

  • A variety of colours are available to support your brand identity or party theme.

Bridal table surrounds

  • We offer satin table covers for that extra touch, available in a variety of colours to suit your style.

Table and chair packages

View our chair hire services or speak to us about combined packages.

We’re just around the corner and will deliver. Call us in Sydney on 02 9601 2544.


  • 1.8m or 6 foot trestle seats 8, plywood tables – $18
  • 2.4m or 8 foot trestle seats 10, plywood tables -$20
  • 1.8m or 6 foot round seats 9, tables – $22
  • 3 foot round table – $20
  • Kids table seats – $15
  • Bar Tables – $33